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Mike Trout, by almost every account, is the best baseball player on the planet. He hits, he runs, he slides, he catches, he makes fans’ days every day. He’s perfection everywhere on the diamond.

So it comes as no surprise that the perfect ballplayer also had the perfect offseason.

First, in early December, the Angels acquired the Japanese Babe Ruth, Shohei Ohtani. That’s right, Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani will now be teammates and nothing can stop them for conquering the world.

Then, a few days later, Trout got married wholesale mlb jerseys to his longtime girlfriend, Jessica Cox. The ceremony looked as magical as you thought it might look for a two-time AL MVP winner.

Later, in January, MLB’s resident meteorologist got the chance of a lifetime: talking snowstorms with weather king Jim Cantore. Trout was ecstatic:

And finally, baseball’s biggest Eagles fan was rewarded for his 26 years of dedication: Philadelphia defeated the Patriots, 41-33, on Super Bowl Sunday. Trout, who was in attendance in Minneapolis, was in heaven.

The perfect cap to a perfect offseason (which, in all likelihood, will probably be followed by another perfect regular season). Check out all of the Angel star’s accomplishments this winter in the video below:

Last time we checked in with Eagles superfan Mike Trout, we didn’t know whether he would make the journey to Minneapolis to cheer on his Birds. All we knew was that, wherever he was for the game, he would be wearing his dog mask.
Saturday night, Trout posted a picture from the Florida Georgia Line concert at the Mystic Lake Casino Hotel located not in Philadelphia but in the suburbs of Minneapolis.

Sunday night, Trout will likely look much the same except he’ll be wearing a dog mask and cheering on his hometown team in the biggest football game of the season. There’s nothing wrong with a little music to calm the nerves before all that excitement.

Mike Trout‘s Philadelphia Eagles (after defeating Tyler Skaggs‘ Vikings) will be taking on the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl Sunday evening. Trout’s superfan lifestyle has been well-documented, but how would the two-time MVP play on his hometown Eagles?

First, we have to analyze the best position for Mike Trout. The center fielder stands at 6’2″ and weighs 235 pounds. His size best puts categorizes him as a tight end or middle linebacker. However. his skill set may make a different position his best bet at success on the gridiron.

As all Halo fans know, Trout is an athletic marvel. A true five-tool baseball player, he has an elite first step when tracking a fly ball. Since coming into the league, Trout has added onto that elite first step (that would make NFL teams drool) by always taking efficient routes to fly balls.

Though he is a little over the average weight, Mike Trout would make for an elite safety should he ever choose to jump sports. Often compared to “playing center field” the safety position allows for the player to make instant judgements off their instincts. This is something Trout has proven to do extremely well, at least while at the plate. His vision and discipline in 2017 became truly elite, as his 18.5% walk rate and 17.1 strikeout percentage put him in the top crop of hitters in the MLB.

Before someone claims football requires completely different athleticism than baseball, Trout is more than just a baseball player. While he was never playing under Friday night lights in high school, he did play power forward for his basketball team.

Trout would be able to use his instincts and range in the defending passing game, but could he lower the boom on running backs? Well, he’d have to learn the intricacies of tackling but a 235-pound man who can top 20 MPH while stealing bases is not someone I’d want running at me.

Allowing Mike Trout to take over the middle of the field for a defense has worked before, just ask the Angels. Maybe add in a prime Albert Pujols as a pass rusher and Andrelton Simmons as a cornerback and call it an elite defense.

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